Pizza shop business plan

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We hear talk of the two speed economy all the time in the media – but it can just as well apply to pizza businesses in Australia.

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Emil Parthenides, the founder of the 131 PIZZA network for independent pizzerias as well as operator of the Better Box Company, whose work means he gets to deal with a wide range of pizza operators around Australia, says there are pizza businesses who are doing phenomenal trade while others have found the last year incredibly tough and are struggling to turn their operations around.

Best <strong>Pizza</strong> Dough Ever Recipe - 101

Pizza Palace - Summary Business Plan - PDF

This business plan contains 25 pages, as well as, 5 year financial projections.


There has never been more competition, not only from other pizza shops in town but from all other types of restaurants as well. The only pizza shops and restaurants that are extremely successful in today’s competitive market are the ones that understand the importance of marketing.

Pizza shop business plan:

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